The Most Hateful and Angry F*cking Lullabies (2024)

I’ve been lucky to become a godfather recently, and in response to that I have pondered about multiple aspects of family life and of children. As all the sweetness that usually surrounds newborn babies I wanted to do something different. 

I had been examining the music box as an instrument and wrote an actual lullaby for my goddaughter. However, I felt like I was not quite done with a little lullaby and I wanted to write completely opposing pieces as its sweet and innocent, lullaby-like sound suggests. These miniatures represent different, conventionally speaking, annoying and anger-triggering, even sad, family and children dynamics.


With outstanding:

Federico Altare – flute

Matteo Marra – violin

Adrián Bartolomé Manzanos – clarinet

Lucas Arango – mixing & video editing

Otto Rissanen – compositions & music box

Still a life (2024)

It is slowly evolving and things take shape and form. The peak is reached and the hierarchy turns upside down. Who is still life?

Nils Gunnars – animation, concept

Otto Rissanen – music, concept

First premiered at Het Archive on 10th of March 2023, in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

de Construct (2023)

de Construct is an interdisciplinary work mixing acoustic and electronic music from different genres, combined with film and theatre.


Beatrice Sberna – vocals, acting, voiceover, percussion
Andrea Leone – tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Jurriaan de Kok – double bass
Branko Valchev – vibraphone, drum set, pots & pans
Mireia Costa Viladrich – violin
Santiago Velo Quintaros – viola
Efthymios Stavropoulos – visual designer
Florieke de Geus – poet, voiceover
Otto Rissanen – composition, concept, directing, electric guitar


Duration: approx. 59 minutes


Fragments from the premier at Codarts Composers Festival on 5th of May 2023.

Hilton Ambient (2021)

Electronics – Otto Rissanen

Voices – Inda Duran, Teja Poljansek, Pau Jorda, Otto Rissanen


Dance improvisation from the opening of Ralph van Meijgaard’s exhibition “Soft Cover.” 



Elena Squicciarini

Ivan Tocchetti

Pablo del Campo

Noah Oost

Reiko Ohta

Video by RickM.

…—… (2021)

…—… is an experimentation on prepared tape loops, homespun intruments, and old fashioned telecommunications.


Kitchen-hardware – Branko Valchev

Kitchen-hardware & Tape Loop – Otto Rissanen

Clubbing - IFFR 2021 - (Mysterious Woman)

Mysterious Woman (2021)

An electronic piece “Mysterious Woman” as used by International Film Festival Rotterdam for their short documentary film “Clubbing” (click the title). Full version on the audio player.


Composition & Electronics – Otto Rissanen


We all love chocolate. Don’t we?


Music & Electronics – Otto Rissanen

Voice & Visuals – Bibi Milanese


In the year 2035, the city of Rotterdam copes with the struggles regarding pollution and over population. It’s inhabitants are forced to stay inside of their cubicle homes. This is the story of a young man, trying to cope with it all.


Camera & Edit: Jurriaan Näring

Sound Recording: Nadja Monster

Art Department: Daphne Themen

Research: Janira Moncayo

Music by: Otto Rissanen


Special thanks to Stadsarchief Rotterdam, for providing the archive materials, and Pascal for acting.

Copyright @ Otto Rissanen 2024. All rights reserved. Pictures by Bibi Milanese